CADSTA Stair Module

This feature provides an efficient solution to simplify time consuming stair design and documentation. The user can design and customise the style and material of the stair, the height and width of the stair run, the quantity of steps in each flight, the type of the stringer, and settings of the railing.

One of the main strengths of CADSTA Arch is its exceptional speed when it comes to project documentation. In this stair module, the user can easily generate an elevation and a cross section through any part of a stair directly from the plan.

Some of the pre-defined stair styles for common design purpose:

Door-1.png Door-2.png Door-3.png

L-Shaped Stair

Straight Stair with Open Treads and Stringers

Z-Shaped Stair

Stair-U-Shape.png Stair-Spiral.png Stair-Spiral-Pole.png

U-Shaped Stair

Spiral Stair

Spiral Stair with Landing

The CADSTA Stair dialog box provides an easy access to designers to select and configure the style and material of a stair, the shape and location of the landing and turn, the depth of treads, the height of the risers, and other properties of a stair such as railing and stringers.

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