Productivity and Customization

One of the main strengths of CADSTA Arch is its exceptional speed when it comes to working drawings. With the use of intelligent objects, it is very simple to generate elevations and cross sections through any part of a building directly from floor plans. CADSTA Arch has a set of powerful tools for quick dimensioning. A single command will dimension the whole building, and dimentions will automatically update with any editing of intelligent objects.

The software can be customized to local architectural and building standards. CADSTA objects are fully parametric. Any object style or feature can be added, edited or removed at any time. The user-friendly interface provides an easy and fast way to customize and configure your CAD system to meet specific needs. The use of intelligent objects allows for easy data extraction, such as Doors and Windows Schedules, bill of material (BOM) report. Together with an extensive block library, User Block Library, and customizable pre-set short-cut keys, CADSTA Arch provides more flexibility for better building design, while maintaining accuracy and efficiency in detailing and documenting.

Featured Function: XLIST

The XLIST command in CADSTA Plus lists the type, block name, layer name and other properties of a nested object in a block or an xref.

CADSTA Arch contains all features in the following modules:

CADSTA Tools - allows AutoLISP routines to load and run inside AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT

CADSTA Plus - provides "Express Tools"-like functions, data extraction tools, and 3D tools

CADSTA Elements - has a range productivity enhacement tools and customization tools

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