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Intelligent Object Technology

CADSTA Arch is a purpose-built, intelligent object-based architectural software. It takes full advantage of the object technology; and it provides functionalities to create and edit intelligent walls, doors, windows, and other architectural objects. It is very easy to generate elevations, cross sections through any part of a building, and 3D perspectives directly from floor plans. CADSTA Arch enhances and extends existing AutoCAD tools to increase your productivity in a practical and affordable way. Learn more

Minimal Learning Curve, Standard AutoCAD Commands Apply

CADSTA intelligent objects can be converted into native AutoCAD objects, and re-converted back automatically in CADSTA Arch. This allows CADSTA Arch drawings to be viewed and edited by engineerings in AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT environments if needed. As standard AutoCAD commands can be applied to intelligent objects, minimal re-training of CAD operators is required to achieve standard functionality of the software. Both Imperial and Metric drawing units are available to suit global projects.

Excellent Performance within Budget

CADSTA Arch is a CAD software specially created for architects to use in their design, detailing and documention. For only a fraction of the price of other architectural CAD packages, CADSTA Arch will enable you to deliver excellent result within budget and on schedule.

Intelligent-Objects.png Joist-layout-plan-1.png

Intelligent walls, doors and windows interact

with each other to mimic real-world behavior.

Power tool: Automatic Joist Layout  >> Watch it in action

With CADSTA Arch and CADSTA Max together, you can load and run your favourite LISP, ARX & .NET assembly applications inside AutoCAD LT. For example, you can Appload third party rendering software such as nXtRender to produce high resolution life-like images. You can also use "Express Tools"-like commands and data extraction tools in AutoCAD LT environment.

CADSTA Arch are specifically designed and customerized to provide exceptional speed for project documentation and design. It includes all features in CADSTA Plus that provides more than 100 productivity tools e.g. Profile Manager, Text MaskXLISTBlock Finder, Block Count and Super Arrow. This software also includes CADSTA Tools that allows you to load your favorite AutoLISP routines in both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

Featured Function: CADSTA Wall

Product News

The Draw Walls command is one of the many great features of CADSTA Arch. It can achieve the followings in one single command:


Draw intelligent walls


Walls are drawn with or without hatch patterns.


Automatic clean up of connected walls


Wall elements are drawn onto your desired layers.


Cost estimation

CADSTA Walls can automatically update or "heal up" when doors and windows are moved or deleted, or when connected walls are modified or removed. >> Learn more

Schedule Manager added to CADSTA Arch

Schedule Manager command displays all doors and windows in a modeless dialogue box. The user can browse the doors and windows to view their details, such as width, height, material and total number of each door or window. The command monitors all door and window related activities and update the dialogue box automatically when a door or window is deleted or added. The command provides options for the user to quickly look for information about a certain door or window and locate the object for easy modification.

>> Learn more

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