CADSTA Productivity Tools Software

CADSTA Productivity Tools Software is a range of popular CAD add-ons that extend the power of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT in a practical and affordable way. Its powerful 2D and 3D features offer more flexibilities and time-saving tools in your everyday design and documentation workflow. Like to use Express Tools alike functions, data extraction tools, and 3D tools in AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT environment? CADSTA Plus has the answer.



CADSTA Plus focuses on boosting the productivity of design and documentation. It extends the power of AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT even further. This AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT add-on contains all the popular features in CADSTA Elements, as well as providing a wide range of time-saving tools in CAD operations..

CADSTA Plus has more than 80 productivity enhancement commands including Block Count, Block Finder, XLIST, Align, Block Attribute Manager, Remove Overlaps, Mask Text, Text Explode, Text to MText and many more. All commands can be easily accessed through the pull-down or toolbar menu.

Command: XLIST


CADSTA Elements

CADSTA Elements is a productivity enhancement add-on for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. It contains a wide range of time-saving tools to assist CAD professionals to complete their everyday tasks more efficiently. Its user-friendly interface provides an easy and fast way to customize and configure your CAD system in ways to meet your specific needs.

The powerful tools includes Super Arrow, Profile Manager, Xref Manager, Image Manager, System Variable Manager, MINSERT, 3d Views, Irregular Viewport, 3D Orbit and a lot more.

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